Warm welcome to Jimmy

Welcome to Jimmy

We are very excited to have Jimmy Alley join the eldership as a pastor in 2014. Charmaine (Jimmy’s beautiful wife) assures us that Jimmy’s Hawaiian shirts will be lost in the move to this side of town so things couldn’t be better.

Jimmy will join Michael (pastor) and Ron and Evrol (elders) to focus on youth, discipleship and community engagement.

Jimmy has been doing on-the-job training in gospel ministry for the last two years here at Tamworth Baptist Church, and is still teaching others to know Christ and make Him known. So in January we are celebrating many things. 1) Our church’s growth in ministry and financial commitment to ministry here. 2) Jimmy’s progress in ministry training, and 3) God’s goodness in changing us into a disciple-making church that is starting to bear fruit in knowing Christ and making Him known.

Jimmy will be inducted into ministry at our commencement service on Sunday 9 February. Come and join us to celebrate and commission Jimmy in this new stage for him and us.