Christmas Celebration

Christmas Concert

Our whole church gathered together on Sunday night (15 December) for our Family Christmas Celebration. With involvement form nearly all ministries and groups within the church the night was enjoyable and successful. Children from with many different connections to the church acted out the song “On that Very First Christmas.” Our youth people played the item, “Jesus Christ our King and Saviour.” and acted out the song “The Magi.” The seniors surprised us with the carol, “Once in Royal David’s City” as a flash mob choir.   We were very pleased to host this night for all our friends and family and were glad to see so many visitors.

 Of course we celebrate Christmas because we are not alone. We all came together to have a part in the celebration because God has brought us together. He sent his son to a stable out the back of the inn because Jesus came to and for the ordinary people, not for the big shots. In the Christmas events God shows he cares about the people no one else cares about.

Many thanks to all those who practiced and item or prepared some aspect or helped it run smoothly on the night, expecially our MC. It was a great night.