International Night

International Night

Many thanks to our many people from different nations who gave us a great International Night last Sunday.
Revelation 7:9-10 talks about people from every nation tribe and tongue in heaven. We were able to read this wonderful in seven different languages. Each person who read is a valued member of our congregation.

We also had some people share their stories and some wonderful items in different languages.

We praise God for the brothers and sisters he has gathered together here from all over the world.

We thank each and everyone who contributed and praise God for our taste of heaven here in Tamworth.


Neighbour Day

What is Neighbour Day?
Jesus commanded us to "love your neighbour as yourself." Caring about others is one of the fundamental Christian values.

Most Christians know that loving others takes time and effort and energy. Love always costs. That doesn't surprise us because Christians measure love by the costly sacrifice of our saviour. So we make sacrifices, we give, we serve.

So why are we still not real good at loving our neighbours? Most of us don't even know our neighbours.

Sure it's because the neighbourhood community is a thing of the past.
Sure, it's because it's hard to find things in common.
Sure, it's because our neighbours want to keep to themselves sometimes.
But what if it's also because all our spare time and energy, all our sacrifice and giving is being used up by the church. What if we are so busy loving ourselves through the church that we leave no time or energy or thought for loving our neighbour.


Here's where Neighbour Day comes in!

Earlier this year our church decided to keep one Sunday a month free (usually the second Sunday). We will not schedule extra church activities on this Sunday so that we are all free to start getting to know, start serving, start loving our neighbours.

We'll keep you posted with ideas and stories.

But please pray for our church as we work toward being less about ourselves and more about others. And please join in.
Love your neighbour as yourself!