Our Ministry Priorities

Life Groups

Life groups are the primary ministry of the church. It’s where believers can pray for one another, deal with the reality of life in a fallen world and bear one another’s burdens and walk with each other in repentance and faith. Life groups are the engines rooms of growing in godliness and faith. We encourage life groups to put a high value on relationships and repentance, study and service, on the Bible and breaking bread.

1 to 1 Mentoring

There’s something exciting about a couple of people discovering the grace of God as it floods every area of their lives with the love of Jesus. The key work we are doing to prepare for the future is encouraging people to meet one to one to read God’s word, pray and put it into practice.

Life group and one ministries are routine, day to day ministries, but they are powerful. We do a lot of other ministries but these two areas are our priorities. Walking in Jesus’ grace together is the heart of what we do.

Other Ministries

Of course we have a host of other ministries, and God seems to find new ways for us to serve or minister every year, but at last look we had the following ministries:

  • Sunday School, Footsteps and Creche, Sunday Mornings
  • Ten:13 Youth Group on Friday nights
  • Girls Brigade on Wednesday afternoons
  • Young At Heart seniors ministry on Mondays
  • An informal multicultural fellowship
  • A pregnancy support and counselling service (new in 2014)